Folded workspace


Problem definition, industrial design, fabrication

Client: n/a

This desk is designed to reflect daily habits and optimize productivity. Inspired by origami and streamlined forms, it uses a singular fold to create a functional nook. By utilizing the proportions dictated by the walnut wood to guide the desk dimensions, this balancing design principle offsets the asymmetry to bring each design element together. 

hero_elevation (1)


Creating functional seperation

The workspace is divided into a private and public space by a fold in the wood. The intentional shelf allows for a seperate pocket to to distinguish between objects permanence and inpermanence. 



Motivating focused productivity

Dividing the surface dictates that the larger surface becomes the space for working and productivity. It creates a spatial barrier which encourages both increased productivity and concentration.



Encouraging social interaction

This workspace encourages the need for collaboration without abrupt interruptions. The short surface invites users passing by to passively interact with the workspace and offers the user the optionality to engage or disengage with the the external interaction.


The fabrication process

Desk Axon -01

Step 1: Walnut wood panel lamination

Desk Axon -02

Step 2: Shelf peg joinery detail

Desk Axon -03

Step 3: Steel pin legs placement

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