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KitchenFriend is designed for graduate students and young professionals who lack the time to cook healthy meals. By pulling information on weekly specials from local supermarkets, it creates a variety of easy to prepare recipes to choose from and conveniently delivers these ingredients to your doorstep. For our target user, it simplifies the preparation process of cooking a meal, saves money, and returns joy and excitement to preparing home cooked meals.


Solving the problem statement

For the graduate student and young professional, extended working hours eat into leisure time, stress-driven environments affect well-being, and tight budgets influence decisions. Not to mention that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not cheap with rising organic food prices and gym memberships. As a result, healthy living is de-prioritized and pre-mature medical issues arise. 

Hero customer journey


Conducting user research and interviews

Surveys and in-depth interviews with graduate students and young professionals across a breadth of disciplines and industries uncovered key takeaways for the product. 

Key takeaways...

-  The strong desire to cook more is highly mitigated by a long meal preparation time.

-  Cooking quickly currently means repetitious meals and lack of variety 

-  Tight budgets make fast food more economical 

KF_Web_Core Features_2


Scaling up to the commmunity level

The MVP feature set is defined by key points around the hero customer journey and directly speak to the key takeaways uncovered through research. Users are able to explore through a range of quick prepare meals that vary weekly and add them to their cart. While these meals are offer the lowest possible price, before checking out users are able to further optimize to find even cheaper options. Finally, users can track and trace their grocery delivery to ensure that they will be available to receive it or have the flexibility to reschedule if needed.


Curating the element of service 

Within each stage of the customer journey, the profile of each touchpoints with the customer ebbs and flows in order to ensure that the product is providing the right level of service and interaction with the user.

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