HexGo Dome


Robotic programming & ceramic fabrication

Team: A Barbar, T Cheng, J Hamman, A Tan

Inspired by the beauty and structural logic of Islamic tiling and vaulting systems, the HexGo Dome explores the limits of self supporting structural systems, the precision of ceramic casting techniques, and the experiential qualities of light manipulation augmented by computational methods.



Structuring a conceptual framework

A 3 piece hexagonal module forms the basis for the dome. The module allows for 60 degree rotations and corbelling, which can be aggregated to create various structural forms.

hexgo_concept diagram


Developing a catalog of structural options

The versitility of the module is validated by the various structures it is able to form. Each engineered structure has a functional purpose at a different scale. 

Asset 1

Base module

Asset 2


Asset 3


Asset 4


Asset 5


Asset 6




Determining structural integrity

Prototypes were built to test the structural capabilities of the module and ensure that the dome could self support. Ultimately, these tests determined the final dimensions of the dome.

HexGo_Web_robotic arm


Testing robotic computational patterns

Creating perforation patterns with the robotic arm was an iterative process. The dryness of the clay along with the positioning of the jig attached to the arm were variables that had to be tested before a consistent technique could be achieved.


Optimizing work flow for scalability

The fabrication process of the dome required a systemic, timely, and precise workflow that accounted for the unique material properties of clay. It formed the basis for a scalable fabrication process, which allowed the team to produce the 312 individual pieces required to complete the dome.

HexGo_Web_process 1
HexGo_Web_process 3


Exhibiting the dome 

The HexGo Dome was featured to the public at the 224 Gallery in Boston. The exhibition configuration allowed for visitors to sit beneath the dome and experience the enhanced light conditions generated by the perforated pieces on the interior. 


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